Children’s Books That Teach Inclusivity

In honor of Pride Month I wanted to make a book list of all of our favorite LGBT+ family stories. There are so many good books in this genre and these are just a few. I hope you enjoy them the way our family does. These books are perfect for any family that wants to… Continue reading Children’s Books That Teach Inclusivity


Pride Month – Gender Non Conforming Children’s Book List

One of my sweet sweet babes is gender non conforming. We noticed at about 2 years old that RJ was different from the cutie's brother. Now, at six years old, gender questioning is a better term. RJ's preferred pronouns are terms of endearment like cutie and babe which is perfect for a six year old.… Continue reading Pride Month – Gender Non Conforming Children’s Book List

The Dungarees of Brains

My brainjust isn't the sameas someNot tameless desirableless numbI feel extra feels and sometimes noneMy neurocircuits have less elasticity than abc gum.My moods are colorsbrighter and more intense than the sunAnd if we aren't all carefulyou will see more than onein less than ten minutesshould be funEverything is rigid and stiff and decisive If you… Continue reading The Dungarees of Brains

How to Talk to a Child About Their Parent’s Depression

When a parent has depression it can be very confusing for a young child. My children wondered if it was their fault, if they had done something wrong. When they understood it wasn't them and they had no effect on my emotions, they were still very confused and left wondering what was going on. I… Continue reading How to Talk to a Child About Their Parent’s Depression

Unpopular Opinion: Self Harm Is Self Care

Hear me out. Cutting is self harm but it's not the only form. Drinking is self harm. Drugs are self harm. Cigarettes are self harm. Not wearing a seat belt is self harm. Biting the skin off your lips and around your nail beds. Having unprotected sex. Dating in 2019 is self harm. Plucking your… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion: Self Harm Is Self Care

Mental Health Awareness Month Swag

For Mental Health Awareness Month I attended a few conferences and local meetings and events. Each event had some really great awareness apparel and novelty items that I loved! I never knew this stuff even existed. Check out some of the awesome stuff I scored and catch my any where representing mental health all year… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month Swag