Listen to the Kids – A Poem

It's not the first heartbreak It's the first knee scrape Not graduation day, But kindergarten picture day We're failing the children, the babies, the kids And they're growing up into lost misguided shits That's right, I'm talking about you and me We are a wreck, assholes, or both almost guaranteed I don't know anyone who… Continue reading Listen to the Kids – A Poem


Kids Can Have Depression and Another Children’s Book List

Think the stigma is bad for adults? What about kids? I imagine people whispering behind my son and I at the psychologist office, “WTF did she do to that child? Poor parenting, millennials, it's no wonder with her out at appointments in those sweatpants.” (I went too hard on myself. I can wear sweatpants anytime;… Continue reading Kids Can Have Depression and Another Children’s Book List

Designer Dopamine – Supplement Reviews

A number of mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, effect the neurotransmitters in the brain. There are a number of natural supplements available to help boost the production of and can help regulate these neurotransmitters. After speaking with my doctor and getting the all clear, I decided to try the three top rated dopamine boosting supplements… Continue reading Designer Dopamine – Supplement Reviews