Cut Your Hair

I have seen a few memes lately that say if you’re going through a rough time don’t do anything to your hair. Don’t get it cut, don’t touch your bangs and certainly don’t dye it red. I think that’s complete and total bullshit.

If you’re going through a rough time and you feel that changing your hair might make you feel even a twinge better, please do that shit. Shave your whole head, cut out the edgiest bangs you’ve ever seen, or get a lob, whatever that is. The idea that making a physical change to your appearance is indicative of a person’s stability or state of mind is ridiculous.

If you see a girl with a new haircut or color it doesn’t mean she’s going through something. Maybe she just looks really fantastic like that or her hairdresser did her dirty. Either way it’s none of your business. Please, for the love of God, stop finding ways to criticize women’s bodies and adding to the stigma of mental health.

That’s all.


14 thoughts on “Cut Your Hair”

  1. Thank you for that. I do my hair in a variety of colors all the time since I was 16, my thing is my weight. Alot of is because of medications. I’ve changed my diet, taken walks with my fur baby & the best is that I maintain it. So I think people can be so cruel when it comes directly or indirectly. So, people need to mind their own business. You never know what a person is going thru.

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  2. I recently went bald . I cut it all of . I was very relieved , I don’t want to lie. Cutting ones hair is THERAPEUTIC AF!! And I’ll do it all over again . It doesn’t make the problems disappear but it gives you a sense of relief assurance and control . CUT YOUR HAIR IF YOU MUST!!

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  3. Great advice. Any particular time I’m under was seems like insurmountable stress I mess with my hair. The alternative isn’t so great. For example, I’ve just started the process of dyeing my hair with rose gold highlights. I have dark brown hair and need to get to white to get it done. It means I have to go back at least 2 more times to get there. It’s bayalage so it doesn’t seem as dramatic but now I currently have caramel/blond highlights in my hair. It’s a huge change and I love it. I can’t wait to get the pink in!

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      1. I didn’t forget this comment, lol. Didn’t go pink but definitely went bright. Not sure how to embed in a comment but if you swing by and look at my recent entry it’s at the bottom 🙂

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  4. Same! I cut my hair every time I go through a major life event! Haha the next time I’m going to try cutting 2-3 inches instead of 10 though… I’ve always sort of went with “go big or go home” but my neck is so cold in our Midwest winters!! Thanks for sharing!

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