To The Sleepless

Tonight during not sleep my barely functioning ass was all:

When everyone else is closing their eyes

Climbing in bed to snuggle until rise

There’s a few brave souls fidgeting under covers

Jealously watching the chests expand and contract on their lovers

They’ll be giving up soon, as sleep will not come

And that noise in their heads will start banging like a drum

So into the night they solemnly go

Knowing tomorrow their energy will be low

Because in the day they feel the effects of losing last night’s sleep

With bags under eyes, their coffee budget’s getting steep

But for now, that does not matter to them

What is tomorrow when your mind is mayhem?

And they spend the night inside their own heads

Thinking of things they wish they would have said.

Or things that they did say but didn’t come out quite right

Wishing they didn’t seem so awkward in hindsight

Yes this is for the sleepless, the dreamless, the up all nighters

The toss and turn, count all the sheep, one-man-pillow-fighters.

This is for the insomniac, late night over thinkers

The melatonin, cbd, chamomile tea drinkers

I wish you one night sleep or one night peace or 4-6 benadryl.

Here’s to hoping sleep fixes you or you find whatever will.


27 thoughts on “To The Sleepless”

  1. I love this post!
    Thanks for following my blog. It makes me feel like I’ll actually have to post there
    I hope you get to sleep soon. I hate not sleeping (though really it’s often my fault I’m not sleeping when I’m scared to go to sleep for the thoughts before I fall asleep).
    Love, light and glitter

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