Funniest Bipolar Memes Part 2

When I released my original Top 10 Funniest Bipolar Memes list I asked you to send me anything you’ve seen that’s funnier. Oh boy did y’all deliver. Here’s part 2, the funniest bipolar memes on the internet.


25 thoughts on “Funniest Bipolar Memes Part 2”

  1. I could not have needed this more right now. I’m dying. Thank you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 all. All me. Right now. All of the above and the last post too 🤣❤️ this is helping me get through the worst I’ve had since psychosis. Thank you.

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  2. Yeah, I understand the medical history thing. As I got older, the book gets longer and longer. Unless I am in pain, I just laugh about all the crap I have and medication I take. I mean, what else is there to do? Plus, it catches those asking off guard. Sometimes that can be fun.

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      1. OMG! Yes. I was in the hospital for a blood clot and the nurse actually said, “You’re bipolar aren’t you? If you don’t calm down I am going to have to give you a xanax.”


  3. When first diagnosed, I went to a psychiatrist who added medications every time I complained about a side effect to the medication she gave me the last time. I could not function and I had no personality. Zombie woman. When she prescribed something to perk me up because she had me so zombie-like, my hair started coming out. She swore it had nothing to do with the medication. I called my therapist and I found the best psychiatrist ever who took me off most of the medications. I have just had to add one more for a severe cycling episode. First time in 7-8 years. That is saying a lot for those like us. If you feel like shit and you follow psychiatrist’s orders, you have the wrong psychiatrist.

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    1. I find that incredibly sad, and I’m sure it’s one reason why people with bipolar so often go off of their medicine. It’s like a medicine cocktail, and it’s exhausting and expensive to keep up with. I’ve only ever been on two medications. An antipsychotic and a mood lifter. I’ve never had any adverse side-effects from either, unless you count my antipsychotic making me super tired if I eat pizza.

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