Bipolar Memes That Are Too Relatable


20 thoughts on “Bipolar Memes That Are Too Relatable”

  1. These were hilarious. I’m the on fire roller coaster. I closed my blog today. I’m going to avoid blogging when I’m unwell or during recovery. I realized it is self-destructive to write openly during a major mood episode and recovery because not all people who read your blog have good intentions.

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  2. The longest I have gone without sleep is only 30 hours…damn I gotta rack up those rookie numbers XD
    Some of the memes were relatable enough that I feel myself swelling up in anger, damn I am not even bipolar.

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  3. Hilarious. I particularly liked the “on” “less on” switch. That gave me a good chuckle. Also related to the patch of scribbles and the question of how you explain that feeling. We feel all the feelings. Our emotions have emotions.

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  4. I’m bipolar and have been for 36 years. No, it doesn’t get any easier. I’ve been hospitalized more times than I remember. I had over 50 ECTs and literally lost my memory. Its been a year and a half and I’m still waiting for it to come back. Marriage to someone who doesn’t understand bipolar and refuses to learn, yields a horrible experience!


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