Designer Dopamine – Supplement Reviews

A number of mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, effect the neurotransmitters in the brain. There are a number of natural supplements available to help boost the production of and can help regulate these neurotransmitters. After speaking with my doctor and getting the all clear, I decided to try the three top rated dopamine boosting supplements on amazon to see if any of them were worth adding to my treatment plan. Each of these supplements that I chose had overlapping if not identical ingredients in different quantities. I used each supplement as recommended for four weeks. In between the different supplements I took a two week break to clear my system of the last supplement. I continued taking my regularly prescribed psych meds at this time. While two of the supplements did have positive effects, I did not find that they would be adequate replacements for the medications that my doctor prescribes. Ultimately, however, I’ve decided to continue taking a supplement in addition to my meds because of the improvements I saw after taking them.

Dopamine Assist from Vitanica is by far my favorite Dopamine Supplement. The pills were large and had a slight unpleasant odor. I took them with a meal in the afternoon. I noticed if I didn’t take them with a meal I would get a tummy ache. After two weeks of taking this I experienced noticeable and measurable improvement in my focus and outlook. I was even able to sleep through a whole night! This is the one I would recommend if you’re interested in trying a natural supplement to boost dopamine production. Please talk to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Dopify by Vitamonk deserves honorable mention. This was a mellow supplement with less noticeable effects. I did feel a slight improvement in my overall mood while taking this supplement. Dopify had the same awful smell that the Dopamine Assist had, but the tablets were smaller and easier to swallow. I had to take this one at night because it made me very sleepy. After two weeks I felt no difference but at about 3 weeks I started to notice some changes. If nothing else, this was an excellent sleep aid.

Holy hangover. I can’t recommend this one. After three days I had to quit it because of the headache and nausea I was left with every morning.

If you are considering adding a supplement to your treatment plan talk to your doctor first. Some supplements can have dangerous interactions with prescription medications.

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8 thoughts on “Designer Dopamine – Supplement Reviews”

  1. wow, super cool that you were able to find something that helps you! I’m wary of dopamine increase d/t psychotic symptoms, but I’m SO pleased for you. Every little bit helps, right?

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