Mental Health Awareness Month Swag

For Mental Health Awareness Month I attended a few conferences and local meetings and events. Each event had some really great awareness apparel and novelty items that I loved! I never knew this stuff even existed. Check out some of the awesome stuff I scored and catch my any where representing mental health all year long.

This adorable hat that is my new favorite.
This key chain that’s a true fucking reminder.
This Dopamine Semicolon tee because obviously.
These Stigma Fighting Journals.
This super cute baby onesie.
This cross between mental health and knitting.
This “my story isn’t over” ring.
This very true tee.
This goldmine of tiny awareness pins.
This It’s ok tee.
This perfect reminder key chain.
This scary statistic tee.
This whimsical semicolon hoodie.
This little bit classier rose gold necklace.
These semicolon temporary tattoos.

Did you find any mental health gear worth sporting this month? Share your links with me in the comments.



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