Pride Month – Gender Non Conforming Children’s Book List

One of my sweet sweet babes is gender non conforming. We noticed at about 2 years old that RJ was different from the cutie’s brother. Now, at six years old, gender questioning is a better term. RJ’s preferred pronouns are terms of endearment like cutie and babe which is perfect for a six year old. Here are some amazing books that have helped our family learn about gender and gender non conformity.

A Peacock Among Pigeons
It Feels Good To Be Yourself
Julian Is A Mermaid
Jamie Is Jamie
My Princess Boy
Annie’s Plaid Shirt

6 thoughts on “Pride Month – Gender Non Conforming Children’s Book List”

  1. It’s interesting and to be perfectly honest, gender non-conformity is one of those things I’m still struggling to accept, but I am working on it. I accept it openly, it’s the inside thing I’m still working on.

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