Interesting Bipolar Disorder Statistics

People with bipolar disorder, on average, suffer 10 years before receiving treatment and only 49% of bipolar individuals receive treatment.

The average age of American bipolar disorder onset is 25 years old

83% of bipolar cases are considered severe.

More than 66% of people with bipolar disorder have one or more relatives with bipolar disorder or clinical depression.

Bipolar individuals’ average bipolar episodes last 3 – 6 months.

The bipolar suicide rate is 60 times higher than that of the general public and one in five people with bipolar disorder commits suicide.

Bipolar disorder is the 4th-highest reason for disability.

200,000 people with bipolar disorder are homeless.

69% of bipolar patients are mis-diagnosed at least 3.5 times.

10% of bipolar disorder patients have onset of symptoms in their 40s-50s.

Except for side effects, 90% of bipolar patients are satisfied with their meds.

Adults who earned high or top school grades are 4X more likely to develop bipolar disorder than their peers.

80% of those with bipolar disorder have at least one bipolar family member.

Following the first bipolar episode is a 90% chance of recurrence.

Bipolar disorder is more common in high achievers than the general population.

People with bipolar disorder live 9.2 years less than the average 78 years.

50% of bipolar individuals abuse drugs or alcohol.

35% of people with bipolar disorder are obese and are 2X as likely to die of heart disease, diabetes, stroke.

Sources are WebMD, International Bipolar Foundation, and the CDC


8 thoughts on “Interesting Bipolar Disorder Statistics”

  1. My mom had it u r correct and I am a sever case since I was a 6 years old child had ADD Bipolar disorder as a teen OCD and Dissociation plus trauma, lol I am a waking pharmacy. I am doing pretty good most days with combination of meds but more so with the help of Jesus in my life. Just wanted to share. Hope is ok.

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  2. Great post on BPD – lots of facts without histrionics. It’s exactly what we Polars need! Life isn’t about wonderfully euphoric highs when we get loads done (as some would suggest), coupled with under-the-duvet periods. It’s a hell of a lot more scary on the other side of the statistics.

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