It’s Been A While

Three months to be exact. I’ve been off meds, unwell, extra well, in between and who knows. I’m still here though and I have a lot to say. I look forward to sharing some great articles I’ve been working on in November. Thank you for your patience and continued support in my absence.


8 thoughts on “It’s Been A While”

  1. Mam, we mandate your prompt return. The behavorial board has voted, and we sought and filed an injunction which shall presume over all facets of care provided.

    Effective tomorrow, all medications shall be administered by hot shot injection (IV)to bring this dilemma to an expedient resolution.

    At the request and demand of your small but influential following.

    Best regards,

    Wellness board WP.COM

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  2. Glad you are back. I am wondering if you have read “The Molecule of More” by Daniel Z. Lieberman MD, Michael E. Long, and if so what you thought of it. I learned a few new things (I have been out of school for over 40 years, so I need to read on my own to keep up).


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