Behavioral health hospital: days 3 – 5

I decided to do these days together because there was a lot of repetition and I don’t want to put you through that. Here are some highlights though.

Days 3 and 4 were weekend days and so very little happened, more time was spent coloring, reading, or watching TV. There were some groups, but less structured. There were 0 doctors in the building so everything regarding you’re treatment plan went sort of on hold. There was a nurse practitioner on hand in case of emergency.

On day three, I found out there would be no one on one time with a therapist at all. I asked if we could have a group where we, the patients, could just talk and vent about everything going on. They allowed it and it was the best group of my stay.

The times in between groups, during meals were the best. The other patients and I were heard. We laughed together, we cried together and honestly they helped me more than staff.

Day 4 I smoked a cigarette for the first time in ten years. And then 5 more until I was released. A young man that was trans was made to share a room with a woman. He stopped coming out of his room and taking meds. Two women that were in a room together required a 24 hour observation. (Aka watch you when you sleep) They put a man in their room.

Day 5 my doctor spent the second ten minutes with me and told me I would be discharged the next day. I get more time with my out of patient doctor that charges in a minimum of 15 minutes, but usually spends thirty with me.

Day 6 coming tomorrow


6 thoughts on “Behavioral health hospital: days 3 – 5”

  1. Your experience here where you got more help from fellow patients than the hospital and its staff is precisely why no matter how far down the rabbit hole I go…I know the only purpose of hospitalization might be the chance to have zero responsibility and get some much needed sleep. (Which is how I remember my first and only stay at a psych center and that was due to a near lethal reaction to an MAOI, not by choice.) Seems senseless for my insurance to shell out thousands so some hospital can profit for doing very little. Not that I have much love for insurance companies but I can’t ever seem to turn off my frugal brain.

    The Vistaril you mentioned in a prior post that they gave you for actually an anti-histamine cross labeled for mild anxiety. I tried it and it did nothing for panic attacks or anxiety, didn’t even make me sleepy, though it was wonderful for my allergies.

    I am glad you are at least feeling up to putting your thoughts to the page and detailing your experience. It is progress, be proud of that.

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  2. Even though I do not accept my diagnostic and I am truly aware of all the implications of this mental health crisis. I cannot complain about all the doctors, nurses and personal that were in contact with me, some were truly good with me and helped me in their own way. Some patients were also good with me and I still keep very good memories of some of them. I had a very bad experience in one of the hospitals, and I have a decent stay in the second hospital with also some sad moments. I guess, everyone is different and react different to life situations and conflicts. I am very grateful for some of the medical staff that was in contact with me and some of the people I have met along the way. I truly wish I could do something and help all the people that is suffering with any illness.

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