About Me

I am the fierce alter ego of an otherwise very well mannered woman. You can call me Colly. I’m probably wearing pajamas as you read this regardless of the time or day. More importantly though, I’m secretly (I hope) an absolute !@#$%^& mess.

My super power is bipolar 1. I experience the highs of mania and lows of crushing depression. I am almost never what can be considered normal. I tend to be extraordinary to the extreme on either side of the spectrum, terrible or fantastic.  I can’t figure out what balance is even, let alone try to implement it.

My family is super important to me. I am the mother of 3 babes, LA, RJ and FP. I also have five siblings, eight uncles, three Eileens and a serving size of nuts ( About one hundred I’m guessing?. Both the amount of nuts it’s appropriate to eat and the exact number of family members I have are unclear ). I will celebrate absolutely anything.  I sing terribly and crochet well. Also I’m a witch.

Given these factors and characters, my life is undoubtedly entertaining. I often think to myself “this can’t be real life,” but it always is. That is why I’ve decided to help end the stigma of mental health and bipolar disorder, educate all you neurotypicals, and share with you what I deem the less embarrassing parts of my life right here. This blog is currently a baby. If you have any ideas or feedback, please help.

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