Interesting Bipolar Disorder Statistics

People with bipolar disorder, on average, suffer 10 years before receiving treatment and only 49% of bipolar individuals receive treatment. The average age of American bipolar disorder onset is 25 years old 83% of bipolar cases are considered severe. More than 66% of people with bipolar disorder have one or more relatives with bipolar disorder… Continue reading Interesting Bipolar Disorder Statistics

How To Help A Loved One That Is Depressed or Suicidal

Watching someone they love experience depression or suicidal thoughts can weigh heavily on support people such as family, friends and partners. Often, support people do not know what to do or say to help. This can lead to either the support person doing nothing out of fear of making the situation worse, or the support… Continue reading How To Help A Loved One That Is Depressed or Suicidal

Lush Lovers a poem

My hands shookMartini loversLong island iced teaLong undiscoveredStirred up the pastIn only one glassSo we sipCraving lipsNever reaching the bottomOne more roundOr twoAn alcoholic AchillesNothing intoxicates me like you ^^Trying something new here. Help support DQ with a contribution. ^^

I Am A Really Good Mom, Bipolar and Parenting

I contemplated titles for this article for a long time. I'm Bipolar and a Really Good MomI'm a Really Good Mom and I'm BipolarBut, no, I'm just a really good mom. Period. Bipolar has so little and so much to do with my parenting skills. If anything, having bipolar has made me more sympathetic and… Continue reading I Am A Really Good Mom, Bipolar and Parenting

It’s Too Hard To Get Help

In the moments I was at my worst; suicidal, depressed, scary manic; it was much too difficult to get the help that I needed. I would spend hours searching for doctors. Step one, overcome stigma and admit that you need help. Because that's not hard enough. Step two, insurance. If you have it gather all… Continue reading It’s Too Hard To Get Help