Lush Lovers a poem

My hands shookMartini loversLong island iced teaLong undiscoveredStirred up the pastIn only one glassSo we sipCraving lipsNever reaching the bottomOne more roundOr twoAn alcoholic AchillesNothing intoxicates me like you ^^Trying something new here. Help support DQ with a contribution. ^^

I Am A Really Good Mom, Bipolar and Parenting

I contemplated titles for this article for a long time. I'm Bipolar and a Really Good MomI'm a Really Good Mom and I'm BipolarBut, no, I'm just a really good mom. Period. Bipolar has so little and so much to do with my parenting skills. If anything, having bipolar has made me more sympathetic and… Continue reading I Am A Really Good Mom, Bipolar and Parenting

It’s Too Hard To Get Help

In the moments I was at my worst; suicidal, depressed, scary manic; it was much too difficult to get the help that I needed. I would spend hours searching for doctors. Step one, overcome stigma and admit that you need help. Because that's not hard enough. Step two, insurance. If you have it gather all… Continue reading It’s Too Hard To Get Help

Pride Month – Gender Non Conforming Children’s Book List

One of my sweet sweet babes is gender non conforming. We noticed at about 2 years old that RJ was different from the cutie's brother. Now, at six years old, gender questioning is a better term. RJ's preferred pronouns are terms of endearment like cutie and babe which is perfect for a six year old.… Continue reading Pride Month – Gender Non Conforming Children’s Book List

The Dungarees of Brains

My brainjust isn't the sameas someNot tameless desirableless numbI feel extra feels and sometimes noneMy neurocircuits have less elasticity than abc gum.My moods are colorsbrighter and more intense than the sunAnd if we aren't all carefulyou will see more than onein less than ten minutesshould be funEverything is rigid and stiff and decisive If you… Continue reading The Dungarees of Brains